Manchester Mistresses

Manchester Mistress Bryce-Jones

Mistress Bryce-Jones is probably the best known Manchester Mistress and one of the UK's best known Mistresses.

Mistress Bryce-Jones has trained many other Mistresses and provides every safe BDSM related experience available. She has her own very well equipped dungeon, with free parking outside.


Manchester Mistress Luci

Mistress Luci is a young, sensual but strict Manchester Dominatrix.

Mistress Luci takes sessions in the spacious and well equipped Stockport Dungeon.

Mistress Luci knows the mind of a submissive and knows what it takes to dedicate yourself to her. Do not underestimate her power.


Manchester Mistress Lucina

I am a stunning lifestyle Mistress / Domme based in South Manchester. I describe Myself best as a sensual sadist offering every BDSM fantasy from the mild to the wild but always operating within a safe and consensual conditions.

I pride myself on being able to get into the head of my submissive and you will find that often I know more about what you want than you do yourself if you place yourself in my hands. If you are new to the scene and have never visited a Mistress before, then you will find me empathetic and highly approachable in the time we spend before the session, although when in session you will find me firm and imposing.


Manchester Mistress Saphire

I am Manchester Mistress Saphire and I enjoy a vast range of BDSM activities and role play scenarios ranging from sensual and erotic tie and tease to more extreme and harsh sessions. With six years experience as a Mistress no matter which session you choose I will be able to get into your head and control your mind.

I welcome both nervous novices who want to explore their BDSM fantasies to experienced players who wish to have their boundaries pushed to the next level.


Manchester Mistress - Miss Suzanna Maxwell

I believe some people are born to lead and some to follow – I was most definitely created to rule. BDSM for me is not about heartlessness. It’s about adrenaline, passion, excitement and creativity. Once you’ve had a taste there is no going back.

I was born with an innate gift for dominating men and making them submit to my will. I have now embraced my true passion fully, in my lifestyle and profession. It resonates in everything I do and everything that I am.


Manchester Mistress Sakura

Sakura is a Japanese word for Cherry Blossom and stands for female strength and power, traits that Mistress Sakura demonstrates in her style of domination. She knows how to extract the dark desires of every submissive she works with, pulling their secret wishes out into the light and using them to control and dominate.

So, whatever your fantasy, Mistress Sakura Strike will create an experience you will never forget and have you begging for more.


Manchester Mistress Helena

Using my charms, beauty and skills I will  train you to be the ultimate slave. You will submit to My Will and surrender to my needs and desires.

In my presence I will captivate you and you will have no will but will drop at my knees ready to serve and obey.


Manchester Mistress Eclipse

I am a witty, charismatic, Mistress and I enjoy mocking My slaves, laughing at the unfortunate predicament they find themselves in when in My company, revel in the pain & sensuality I can inflict while My submissive willingly accepts. Rest assured if I’m laughing then I am enjoying Myself just as much as you are.

When you’re with Me, in the enclosed space of a dungeon/ strapped to a medical chair/ tucked into a cot, there’s no doubt that your boundaries will be respected yet pushed and your fantasies played out to euphoria.


Manchester Mistress Rose

Mistress Rose is a mature refined elegant dominant lady. She is intelligent and articulate and very experienced. She has been a dominant lady for twenty years and will combine her expertise and sensual ways to give you the ultimate experience.

Mistress Rose is also very experienced and can be a cruel Mistress. She will indeed control your mind and take charge of your body and she will use a wide variety of disciplines to make you submit to her will.


Manchester Mistress Delilah

You will succumb to your inner desires and relinquish all control. As I work your fetishes into a scene that will blur the lines of fantasy and reality.  And that will have you coming back to Me again and again and again.

Come on. Don’t resist the temptation. Come play with Me. It’ll be so much fun. You know you want to


Manchester Mistress - Headmistress Cane

This headmistress has had twenty years experience administering punishment to naughty school boys and girls.

She will show you the error of your ways and She will punish you in her Traditional Edwardian study. An over the knee spanking is compulsory and you will be shown the error of your ways.


Manchester Mistress Foxx

I enjoy the control, I get off on the power I hold over your mind and body and relish in the moments of pushing you to the edge of pleasure and pain, over and over again. Simple and to the point.

I am a Domme and a Mistress through and through, it’s simply who I am. I live and breath it, from the Latex I wear on ‘Vanilla’ nights out, to the respect I demand in everyday life.


Manchester Mistress - Miss Jasmine

I will walk along side you as your respected and trusted Mistress. Together we will explore and penetrate the dark corners of your mind.

I will play with each of your senses, twisting and distorting them so that eventually when in my presence you will be nothing more than a devoted puppet on my string.


Manchester Mistress - Kidnap Mistress

Kidnap in my opinion is the ultimate fetish experience.

A really good abduction, carried out professionally, has the full package of emotions to be found in Fetish and BDSM


Manchester Mistress Academy

Training for the professional Mistress

This is a course for making a career out of becoming a professional Mistress. I could write all day telling you things about fetish but there is no substitute that beats showing you.

Training for the amateur Mistress

Have you ever thought what it would be like to be a Mistress to your partner but don’t know how to go about things? Or maybe you have tried a few things together but it lacks something? Well it's time to do something about it..


Manchester Mistress Sadie

For the Novice, or simply curious, I offer a gentle introduction. For the more experienced, I offer absolute indulgence, to discover and explore your fantasy, sensitivity, boundaries and limits in this wonderful World of BDSM.

You will be dealt with in a safe, controlled and totally discreet environment by Manchester Mistress Sadie.

I fully understand the needs and rewards emanating from the Human Body and Mind. From a firm touch, to the bitter sweet kiss of the whip to that delicate part of the anatomy, that craves and hungers so much for attention.